Work, Front Cover


Javier, Madrid Spain, 2016


Harlan, Los Angeles CA, 2016


Stace, Ft Lauderdale FL, 2012


Jager, Seatte WA, 2015


Denis, Madrid Spain, 2016


Stewart, Provincetown MA, 2013


John, Atlanta GA, 2014


Tom and Glen, Provincetown MA, 2012


Hanno, London England, 2016


Dave, Ft Lauderdale FL, 2015


Chris and David, Southworth WA, 2016


Tim, Provincetown MA, 2013


Javier and Christof, Madrid Spain, 2016


Manny, Paramount CA, 2015

Books Ship March 13, 2017

Publication: March 2017
Specs: 10.25" x 12.5" | 124 pages 
96 Photographs | Edition of 1,000
Edited by Frank Rodriguez and Blake Little
Designed by Sean Adams

Price: $55 signed, $110 signed w/ limited edition print.

Pre-Sale Offer: Receive One Free Signed 5×7 Print with all orders placed before March 10, 2017.

After the worldwide success of Blake Little’s PRESERVATION comes WORK, the third volume of male portraiture after the bestselling COMPANY OF MEN and MANIFEST. With an insightful foreword by rock legend Bob Mould, who shares a similar obsession with making art, WORK is different from his Little’s previous books. This body of work documents his compulsion to photograph as a practice, an exercise for an artist that’s as necessary as breathing. His work is what he does and who he is.

The subject matter is familiar to fans of Little’s previous works but his new models broaden the gay masculine archetype he established in his previous books. There is new individuality and even humor, and even wider range of ages and types.

The photographs themselves are darker, moodier, richer portraits with more depth. For these pictures, he has experimented with lighting and composition, going for less rigidity and perfection and instead capturing more spontaneous moments. Photographs were taken in and around Little’s Los Angeles studio and on location in all the places he traveled to recently including England, Spain, Canada and the US.

WORK features 96 color photographs of remarkable men in a large hardcover format, designed by award-winning graphic designer Sean Adams.